Steve is known (well, by Flissy, at least) for his extensive collection of A & M records. Steve is a big fan of Brazilian music and, in particular, bossa nova.

Steve is the mastermind behind our audio and podcasting gear and the editing of each episode, so if you have technical questions about the show, he's your man.

Follow Steve on twitter @stevesaucier.

Flissy at Charm City Shimmy Hafla.jpg


Flissy's love of vinyl began when she bought a behemoth of a console from the 70s that she dragged into her MFA artist's studio in Memphis. Her colleagues were probably glad when she dropped out and took all her Martin Denny albums with her.

Flissy's main vinyl loves are exotica and lounge, and she will buy anything with "bongos" or "cha-cha" in the title. She's a belly dancer so she also loves to collect classic belly dance albums. When it comes to new releases, Flissy loves downtempo, EDM, and affected man-singing-voices.

Follow Flissy on Twitter @flissybug. You can also find Flissy at www.omchantress.com, her home base for yoga and belly dance.