Episode 47: Rain Forest by Walter Wanderley

A staple of our easy listening collection! Upbeat, loungey, bossa nova and pop on a Hammond organ.

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The undisputed king of the Hammond organ! This is a live version of Call Me, from his 1966 debut album Rain Forest.

Episode 46: Folk Songs for the 21st Century by Sheldon Allman

This week we feature post-apocalyptic satire from an era we more often recognize for its optimism.

Episode 44: Thank You Music Lovers by Spike Jones

In honor of April Fools’ Day we discuss puns, satire, and fart noises.

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Der Fuehrer's Face by Spike Jones

Sabre Dance by Spike Jones


Episode 43: Recorded in Rio de Janeiro by Herbie Mann and João Gilberto

The best in American-Brazilian bossa nova collaboration. We only bust on Stan Getz a little bit.

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Bossa Nova by Ruy Castro