Episode 27: 3rd Festival Da Musica Popular Brasiliera

It's a special birthday episode! To celebrate co-host Steve's birthday, we count down the top four songs from the 3rd Festival Da Music Popular Brasiliera from 1967, via the 3-LP collection. Stay tuned for a most epic geek-out about Brazilian music and history.

Tropicália ou Panis et Circenses cover art (copyright Universal  via Wikipedia .

Tropicália ou Panis et Circenses cover art (copyright Universal via Wikipedia.

Uma Noite Em 67 Documentary DVD on Amazon

Uma Noite Em 67 on YouTube (Portuguese, no subtitles)

Caetano Veloso on Wikipedia

Chico Buarque on Wikipedia

Gilberto Gil on Wikipedia

Edu Lobo on Wikipedia

Órfãos do Loronix

Interview with Chico Buarque (Portuguese, no subtitles)

Caetano Veloso "Alegria, Alegria" See also: Caetano Veloso - Alegria Alegria (another version)

Chico Buarque & MPB-4 "Rodo Viva". See also: Fernanda Porto's "Roda Viva"

Gilberto Gil cantando "Domingo no Parque"

Edu Lobo "Ponteio"

Episode 7: Wildflower by the Avalanches

This is our first time featuring a review of a new release on the podcast! As lovers of old funky records, we have mad respect for the Avalanches whose love of music is obvious in their ability to scout out only the most awesome bits of obscure music and show it off in groovy new compositions. Even if you think you're not into electronic music, we bet you'll dig the psychedelic feel of Wildflower.

Wildflower and all its inner goodies.

Wildflower and all its inner goodies.

Subways by the Avalanches. The original sample by Chandra Oppenheim is easily reconizable but there's no doubt that it's a brand new song!

Everything is a Remix: A documentary about sampling and innovation.

Sometimes I wish I could unheard the Amen Break, so watch at your own risk. You'll hear it everywhere and realize how much this sample is used..