Episode 26: Elektra Folk Sampler

A listener request brings us folk songs from all over the world and we trace the path of a one-man recording operation to booming multimedia empire.

Elektra Records on Wikipedia

The Elektra Story by David Edwards, Mike Callahan and Patrice Eyries

Follow the Music by Jac Holzman, et. al. 

Los Gitanillos de Cádiz: a sevilliana with a dancer.

Episode 23: Ragtime Jug Stompers by Dave van Ronk

This album could totally have been made today by some earnest hipsters. It could be you and your neighbor who home-brews playing jugs and washboards on the porch. But no! It’s from 1964. A playful and timeless album of early jazz, blues, and folk tunes.

Ragtime Jug Stompers on AppleMusic

Ragtime Jug Stompers on Amazon

Dave van Ronk on Wikipedia