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Episode 49: 3:47 EST by Klaatu

Slightly psychedelic prog rock allegedly recorded by The Beatles. Spoiler alert: nope, but still, recommended listening!

Klaatu box with Mr. Bigglesby

Klaatu box with Mr. Bigglesby

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Drummer and Songwriter for Klaatu Terry Draper dropped by the boom 97.3 studios to share Klaatu's hit song "Calling Occupants Of Interplanetary Craft" on vinyl! Terry talks about the recording process of the song; where specific sounds came from and how the band was compared and rumoured to be The Beatles reincarnate!

Episode 40: Magic Sword Volume 1

This album is outside of our normal easy listening because it is both a new release and EPIC. It’s got a comic book that accompanies it and musicians veiled in anonymity. We’re so into it and hope you are too.

LP and comic!

LP and comic!

Sword of Truth

Live Magic Sword performance of "The Curse" at Treefort Music Fest 2016