bossa nova

Episode 47: Rain Forest by Walter Wanderley

A staple of our easy listening collection! Upbeat, loungey, bossa nova and pop on a Hammond organ.

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The undisputed king of the Hammond organ! This is a live version of Call Me, from his 1966 debut album Rain Forest.

Episode 43: Recorded in Rio de Janeiro by Herbie Mann and João Gilberto

The best in American-Brazilian bossa nova collaboration. We only bust on Stan Getz a little bit.

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Bossa Nova by Ruy Castro

Episode 34: Samba '68 by Marcos Valle

You are in for the most precious husband and wife duo, ever, and perhaps the best Brazilian bossa nova album recorded in the US.

Bossa Nova or Yacht Rock?

Bossa Nova or Yacht Rock?

Ow, my eyes.

Ow, my eyes.

Marcos Valle and Quarteto Em Cy on Andy Williams Show

Episode 27: 3rd Festival Da Musica Popular Brasiliera

It's a special birthday episode! To celebrate co-host Steve's birthday, we count down the top four songs from the 3rd Festival Da Music Popular Brasiliera from 1967, via the 3-LP collection. Stay tuned for a most epic geek-out about Brazilian music and history.

Tropicália ou Panis et Circenses cover art (copyright Universal  via Wikipedia .

Tropicália ou Panis et Circenses cover art (copyright Universal via Wikipedia.

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Órfãos do Loronix

Interview with Chico Buarque (Portuguese, no subtitles)

Caetano Veloso "Alegria, Alegria" See also: Caetano Veloso - Alegria Alegria (another version)

Chico Buarque & MPB-4 "Rodo Viva". See also: Fernanda Porto's "Roda Viva"

Gilberto Gil cantando "Domingo no Parque"

Edu Lobo "Ponteio"

Episode 20: Softly by Wanda Sa

Wanda Sá (AKA Wanda de Sah) has the quintessential bossa nova singing voice: so sweet and gentle! It’s showcased beautifully in this American production on Capital from 1965.

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Wanda Sá performs Água de Beber, 2007.

Wanda Sá and Roberto Menescal perform "Telefone"